Monday, October 3, 2011

Double Skunk.

Great way to start this blog off.
Headed up north to the land of cheese, pit the kayak in and saw fish jumping like crazy, the water was a milky color. I tied on a firetiger Hot N Tot

and a Thunderstick Jr
Only one bump on the Thunderstick the entire 4 hours on the water. tried a few other lures with out success. I got hungry and needed lunch, ate and then headed down to my parents house to spend some time with my niece. I told her we could fish or fly kites. Guess what she picked...
I picked up the kites from an Ace hardware for $3 a kite, all they had was aliens and robots, she wanted the alien one. 
After 20minutes of kite flying we were hot and thirsty so it was time to call it and I figured i'd do some wading.... Well...
I got skunked on a 1/16 jig head with a  2 inch grub, oh well, still a nice night to get out. 
The water was very low and there were no fish under the bridge. 
I could not believe it, only a few weak hits but no fish landed. I am starting to think I am in a slump, I need to snap out of this funk. The sun went down and I called it a day. Hopefully I can catch something tomorrow. 
Click on the pictures to get a better view. 

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