Sunday, October 2, 2011

Great Lakes King Skunk.

Here is the short report.

Got to Great Lakes around 0615 Tommy was close behind. Loaded up and set towards the marina, launched and on the water at daybreak.

Realized I forgot my tackle box after the first pass, so I had to go back in.
Made my way towards the mouth of the harbor and my drag started screaming.

It went for 3 seconds straight, I grabbed the rod, felt a weight for a second and it was gone, I was broken off. Lost my lure I just caught a King on the other day...
RIP Storm Hot N Tot (photo from last Thursday)

That was the only bump I got. Tommy had one take 3 fee tof line and drop it. But that was it, we marked a ton of fish but just did not connect.

The water was milky all the way out until about 2 miles out when it dropped to 30 feet of water. Next time we'll get them.

Had to have done a few miles.
I might go up to Wisconsin tomorrow morning, let you know how it goes.
Here is Tommy's video of the trip Tommy took.


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  1. That was a great day to be out and even though we did not catch any, I learned more of how the yaks will perform in larger seas. Let's get out this weekend before you are outta here bro!!!! Nice blog!!!


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