Saturday, October 1, 2011


not practicable : incapable of being performed or accomplished by the means employed or at command

I almost chose the title "The Practical Fishermen". I thought it sounded great and catchy, in preforming a Google search I found several books of the same name. I guess others thought the same thing. That is when I realized there is not a lot of practicality with how I tend to fish. Sure I have my simple days, bringing only one rod and a lure or two. 

Most the time however I am more likely to have 2 rods and 20lbs of tackle on my back, tramping around forest preserve ponds or on my kayak crossing the lines I am trolling. This blog will be about my failures and hopefully about my successes. I will include recipes for making good food, lure craft, fishing reports and photos of all the above.

I hope you keep coming back and enjoy what you read.  Please comment, your feedback would be appreciated and hopefully I can use it to keep you better entertained :D


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