Thursday, October 13, 2011

Lake Shabbona

A gentlemen by the name of Gary, AKA Beachpig posted he was going to have a week off work and was looking for fishing partners to fish, i emailed him deciding on Shabbona State Park. I woke up and got ready took a few casts in the back yard and caught a few smallies before it was time to go
Caught this one on the first cast, I could not help but think that was the same thing I did before going out with Joe on the DesPlaines when we got skunked...
I got on the road headed west the only thing to slow me down was stop signs...

Large tractors
and other over sized farming equipment. I got to the lake around 10 AM and it was beautiful, I felt like I was in a different state. Fall was in full force and the colors were amazing.
 The wind started picking up as soon as I got there by the time Gary got there it was breezy and we had problems keeping the boat in one place.
there were many submerged trees that looked great to fish but letting a jig fall straight 30 feet of water with that wind was impossible, I had one take it but botched the hook set.
Gary got one on a dark plastic Texas rigged worm off a weedline, shad were popping and we thought we were close to finding a pattern. Nope.
  We kept fishing and the clouds started rolling in, we hit a back bay that seemed to block the wind but did not even get a bump. I fished almost everything I had, the only way I could have gotten more lures wet would have been to throw the box in the water.
What salvaged the trip was Gary's company and the beautiful scenery, you can not complain about that.
We motored back to hit the spot where Gary caught his fish and on the way the wind picked up again,dropped the trolling motor and it started raining.
It was great to get out and try this lake, if you have a chance check it out for the scenery if nothing else.
Gary you da man.

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