Monday, October 10, 2011

Long day fishing.

Today was a long day, My buddy Angel 

called me late last night to see if we could hit the river for smallies at sunrise to noon and then after lunch I get a message from ED
 (The Four Season Angler) that he was going out around 4 and I was welcome to join him. What is an angler to do?

Angel got here around 6 with a pair of brand new waders ready to fish. We got our gear together tied a white 1/16oz jig with a glow yamagrub.
Angel made a few casts before he hooked up with a 17 incher, he got it all the way to his knees before the knot gave and it shot away. My heart sank, I wish I could have grabbd that fish for him, but he shrugged it off determined to catch another.
I got a small largemouth on a grub
(about this size, I caught this one a day or two before) I went to take a pic and my battery was dead, let the fish go and high tailed to to the house to grab my other camera. While I was gone Angel hooked up and landed a good average sized DuPage river small mouth.
Now I could relax, my job was to get his a fish and he got one. Now I could let my mind wander and fish.
I switched up to my favorite search bait a shallow runner Bluefox hooked into a little smallmouth, Angel followed up with a grub and connected with a carbon copy of the first one.

There were some cool spiders.

All and all great day to get out.
but i had more fishing to do, met up with Ed at his fishing hole, it was nice meeting his brother and son. My first bite came on a Biffel Hardhead jig with a KVD Rodent in black with blue speck.
 This is another look at the same fish.
 Got the second fish on the same bait about 4 feet of shore
The sun started setting so I switched to a black Booyah Buzz bait
I had 3 misses before I hooked up a few feet away from shore. The bass hit so had he launched himself out of the water and did a back flip. I got the fish in and Ed said it was time to go. What a great way to end the day on a high note.
Thanks for reading
Check out Ed's site
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  1. So much fishing so little time. You really pushed that saying to the max. Nice bass!

  2. Just doing what I can, while I can. Shabbona tomorrow.


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