Saturday, October 8, 2011

Smallie success before the gar hunt.

Woke up and had breakfast with my niece and mother, they left at 7 and I had an hour to kill before I had to leave to rondevu with my buddy Boilingbrook BPS to head to Big Basin to see if we could get a gar in the boat.
I cast out the rebel Pop-R Plus and after two pumps, this guy hit.
 I was very excited to have a fish of this quality on the first cast, He fought hard.
 When you are photographing a fish up close make sure you use a macro setting on your camera for a good shot. As you can see from the shot below the background is more in focus than the foreground.
 I let that guy go and made another cast 2 feet to the left and after 3 pumps had this guy on.
 My buddy called and said he was on his way, I made a few more casts but did not have another hit. We spent the day down on the DPR chasing gar but could not connect. Maybe next time. The best thing I caught was this fall photo of this dam.
Think I am going to hit the DuPage again in the morning and see how I do.

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