Saturday, October 15, 2011

Smallmouth Bass on the Fox River

My buddy Angel and I wanted to hit the Fox up before I leave for California, we decided to meet at my house and head to the Fox. I contacted a few people of the Forum and combined their advice, planning on hitting the Fox in Batavia, Illinois and park hopping south to end up in Montgomery if we had the time. 
Got out to the first spot, Slid my waders on and felt my feet getting wet! I left them on the porch the other night and it started raining, I never turned the upside down to dry so I had me some wet feet. :evil: 
The first spot was some sort of island park, smelled of feces a bit. Got the first bite off a yellow perch colored Flat Rap, not a giant but still a fish. 

We were fishing south of an island park right next to some kind of water treatment plant, it smelled a little like feces but down stream it looked better. 
There were a lot of cool looking feeder creeks, some were fishable some weren't, I didn't get any hits on any but in a deep one I spooked something when my lure hit the water. 
 Fall is in hitting the river but only in small splashes. We packed up and headed to another spot downstream.
 We got to the new spot, waded past an island and the wind started picking up. It was blowing up from the south and gusty enough to redirect downstream casts upstream so we chose to seek calmer water for our own benefit. Angel cast his jig towards the shore and hooked up with this nice small mouth.
 He really had an emotional connection with this fish. :D
A closer look. 
 He cast to the same spot and caught this little guy. 
 Angel seemed to be having a pretty good time, we felt like we were on a pattern for once, it was a good spot for sure.
 I cast just down stream of the last fish caught and got this little guy.
 We decided to move on, I cast into a pool and on the end of the retrieve with about 3 inches of line a good sized fish exploded at the surface. we fished the area and Angel got one but he came off the hook, we moved on.
Further down was a rocky stretch, I cast towards a pool and pulled out this red eye.
Most of the fish were this size, got him off a salt n' pepper blue pearl grub on a 1/16oz white jig head.
 I am sure going to miss Illinois and catching these great fish but most of all I am going to miss the great people.
 We were on our way back upstream when Angel broke his rod when he snagged a tree, well that means the trip is over.
 On the way back all there were were small guys, they barely even made mustaches at all.

The fox treated us well, I wish i could spend a lot more time on this river.

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  1. Looks like some nice scenic waters that you found... I hate snapping a rod, its the worst.


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