Monday, November 7, 2011

2,500 miles with 2 dogs and 2 cats...

Just got enough internet to post so I will tell ya about my trip.

I started off at my parents house in Illinois. headed to the San Fernando Valley where my wife just bought our new house. It started off with a bang when the trailer fell off my ball hitch. I was able to pick it back up and hook it up right and I was off.
 Illinois, Iowa, and Nebraska basically looked like this.
 I has the animals and 2000lbs of gear loaded in the trailer and in the bed of the pickup.
 Things were smooth sailing until I hit Denver, the grades were super steep and my 4 cylinder 5 speed manual truck weighted down was not happy about it.
 I wonder what people thought about my kayak sticking out the back of the mess.
 I wish I could have stopped and pulled out the fly rod because the rivers in Colorado looked nice.
 My dog was passed out for most the trip...
 Near Boulder Junction the land changed again.
 Nothing like this in the mid west.
 The first part of Utah just looked like a lot of dirt mounds.
 There were some great senic rest stops I could let the dogs off their leashes at.
 They seemed to like it.
 I was in awe of the beauty of this place.
 Miles of nothing but mountains and gouges.
 Can you see the guy climbing out of the canyon? I was nervous just standing near the edge.
 This is what I think about now when I hear Utah.
 I stopped at this stop to let the sun go down because it was too bright for my eyes.
 Typical self portrait.
 Cacti every where.
 Utah sunset.

We can't stop here. This is bat country...
The sun went down and I was in the dessert between Las Vegas and Barstow.

I left 5:30 AM from Winfield, Illinois on Thursday morning and arrived in Hanford, California on Saturday at 1 PM. It was a heck of a trip to do alone and I can't say I ever want to do that again.

The thing I will miss the most about Illinois is the people I fished with and talked fish with. If your reading this, you rock. I know more adventures lay ahead.


  1. Fantastic, Dan. Glad you got there safe! I lived in Vegas for 6 years and made frequent trips out to Utah and Colorado - it's tough to beat

  2. Sad to see you go but hope to stay in touch with you through the bloggosphere. Knowing you, it won't take long to get on some fish.

  3. Awesome pictorial. I-70 going into the San Rafael Swell is something special. Just a short detour south of there is Goblin Valley State Park, a definite must-see if you're ever out here again.


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