Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sinking Worm baits.

Sinking worms wacky rigged  are One of my favorite ways to get a hook into the mouth of a largemouth bass. Of all the Senko style worms the two brands that have worked well for me have been the Lucky Strike Shim-E-Stick 
And the Stank X Stix 
The Lucky Strike worm is very salty and holds up better than a YamoSenko, I prefer the Watermelon seed and watermelon red flake colors. The Camo and Bloody Peppers StankX Stix have produced well for me. All Stank X Products are impregnated with a product called C B's Hawg Sauce.The stuff stinks to high hell but seems to draw a bite when the fish are tight lipped, word of caution, I spilled some in my truck while I had a summer cold and thought I was going to be sick after driving for a few minutes, took a day or two to air out. 

If I had to pick one of the two I'd go with the Stank X product, they are happy to customize your order how ever you want even mixing new colors if you want and the shipping is reasonable. Try doing that with Lucky Strike or Yamamoto. To put a cherry on top, you'd be buying USA, which we all know is the way to go. 

As for hooks my favorite hook is a 4/0 Gamakatsu Wide Gap Finesse hook in black or red. 
A Medium light spinning reel with a 500 - 1000 size reel spun with 6lb test Fire line works best for me, I have the strength with this setup to pull a good sized fish out of the weeds and the sensitivity to detect the lightest bites. Even the small ones can't get away. 
 I like to start close to shore and move further and further away fan casting to cover more area. If I do not have a lot of time I will focus on structure working from shallow to deep, I like working this way because since most fish seem to like to hit this bait on the drop. I seem to be able to catch more fish from the same cover this way, especially from shore.
My buddy Angel caught his first Illinois bass on a Stank X Stix, as well as several after that at Vulcan Lake in Crystal Lake, Illinois. 

Another great spot for this bait is around lily pads near dead fall trees or stumps, guys like this love those spots

Just about everything will take this setup, here is a pike I caught while fishing the Deep Lake WCF Tournament
Even Perch will take this bait

I had to add this picture from later in the day at the first weigh in, the kid in the back does not seem to approve of my catch. 
If a wacky rigged worm is not a part of your arsenal you might want to add it, check out Stank X and go catch some fish, I bet you get some fatties. 

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