Sunday, December 18, 2011

10 Reasons you should just buy that Kayak you've wanted

Here is why I think you should get that kayak you have been looking longingly.

10:  There is a kayak out there with your name on it. 
   There are many makes and models out there, sit on tops and sink, large and small. Fact is there is a kayak out there that will fit your needs and fishing style whether you was to fly fish shallow rivers, troll lakes or jig deep in the ocean there is a platform out there for you. Do some research take a little time and find one that is right for you. if you know someone who kayaks ask them if you can take it for a spin around a local pond.

9:  It is healthy for you.
   Paddling is great exercise one of the advantages of kayak fishing is the kayaking. A lot of people think paddling is a lot of work, it is but with that work comes the rewards. A trolling motor system looks convenient at first glance but one malfunction and you have to peddle a heavy battery back to shore. Once you learn the basics  paddling is a breeze, beats oaring a row boat any day. A few hours a week of paddling is great exercise without a gym membership.

8: It is cost effective.
   While there is a bit of a start up cost and millions of dollars of great looking gear out there the kayak is a cost effective fishing vessel, the maintenance required will take you a few minutes a week if you are fishing heavily you will need to rinse it off. That is about it, When fishing salt water you'll want to wash it up every day, but there is no live well or bilge to drain. If you have a trolling motor setup it is slightly more complicated but dies not take much time. Rebuilding a bass boat motor can cost twice the amount of one kayak, you really don't have to go farther then that.

7: Winter is a good time to buy.
   This time of year people are more likely to sell a kayak cheap. It is less use to them in the winter months. Sometimes it is because they are upgrading to another model, and sometimes they just didn't get out and decided to sell. What ever the cause it is to your advantage, Craigslist is a good place to look. Just search Kayak, read over all the posts, you'll be surprised the deals you are able to find.

6: Winter is the time to build.
   The new fishing shows don't start until March, the fishing forums are full of those hard water anglers and a lot of banter which makes winter the perfect time to modify and personalize your perfect fishing kayak. If you wait until Spring or Summer to buy your new ride there is more chance that you will be in a rush to get your rig ready while the guy who sprung early, caught a winter closeout sale, got free shipping and made sure he liked where his rod holders were before he started drilling.

5 : You can get off shore.
   Especially in areas of urban and suburban sprawl fighting for a shore fishing spot can take more time then the fishing its self. Being able to launch practically anywhere gets you away from other fishermen. I was amazed by the way getting off the shore changed my perspective of the forest preserve lakes I used to fish, a kayak meant no more tangled lines, it was a lot more peaceful.

4  : You can launch anywhere.
   Don't get me wrong, there are places that watercraft are not allowed on but with a kayak you are not tied down to launching at a boat ramp. Most marinas do not charge you for launching a kayak. If you want to fish a specific bay on a large lake you can park along the road side near the water and just go. Try doing that in a bass boat.

3 : Gas is still $4 a gallon.
While your buddy is filling up his boat your filling up your car. Need I say more?

2 : It is quiet.
   Most of the fishermen I know enjoy the peace and quiet you can get while fishing. No emails popping up or phones going off, with a kayak you have no motor to add to noise pollution to your relaxing time on the water. You can get up shallow narrow streams and into weed beds other boats can't get into. Last week At Pine Flat Reservoir I tied off to a no wake buoy and sat side saddle over 4 feet of water. What a great way to relax. The occasional boat was a minor nuisance but the wind was the only noise for the most part.   
1 : What time is better than now?
   There are lots of things in life we have control over but we have a lot more that we don't have control over. I used to live in Oak Harbor, Washington right on the Pudget Sound, I kick myself for not buying a kayak back then, I wish I had fished there a lot more than I did. I can not control that.

I obsessed over kayak fishing for several months, I showed my wife pictures of fishing kayaks, I watched Youtube videos constantly, I got a subscription to Kayak Angler Magazine. I went with my wife my parents house for my birthday dinner. We left to go to the restaurant through the garage and here was a 13 foot long brown package there for me. Not everyone can have an awesome wife like mine who can take a hint.

decision if your on the fence and if you already paddle you already know.


  1. Hey man! Great post! This really helped me alot! Ive been on youtube showing my wife videos also! Lol...just been debating on the 2017 bg2 or the new trident wife says to go withe bg2 because i wont fit in the t15..lmao...but i love the t15! But we'll see what i get...hols u still fishing man! Keep it up!

    1. Sorry meant hope u still fishing keep it up!


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