Friday, December 2, 2011

The buddy system.

One thing I like about fishing is the company, when kayak fishing a buddy can be more than that. They can be a real lifesaver. My fishing buddy Tommy of .MWUH has been a lifesaver for me.

We were fishing Lake Delavan in South East Wisconsin Memorial day weekend.

The water was cold and the bass were really not cooperating, managed to pull out a few of average size even though we could see monsters guarding nests, they were tight lipped.
 Tommy hooked into some snake pike on a white spinner.
Biggest came on a white Chatterbait.
 Got a few snakes on a Fat Rap
Followed by one lone crappie on a jig and grub.
Did a release video of that guy.
To make a long story short, we kayaked the whole lake and were beat, it was grueling. I was still pretty new and this was the longest I had been in my kayak so far. We had to either take the shoreline to get back or take our chances crossing the main body without getting ran over by pleasure boaters.

We took our chances.
Here is the map of the day as my GPS tracked it.
Tommy's video of the day.
The reason I am rehashing this story is right as we are about to land on the public beach to get off the water I scootch up in my seat to stand up and see a monster bass on a bed Tommy spotted. The crotch of my waders picked up the front treble of an X-Rap I carelessly left between my legs. The other hook embedded it's self in my seat.

Tommy was just about to beach himself when I called to him, He told me to deal with it when I landed but I could not, I was stuck in a awkward position, almost like crab walking with a lure holding me to the seat, I did not want to sit and sink the hook into any vital parts. I insisted Tommy come back and help me. I wish I could have seen the faces of the folks on the beach, one guy in a yellow kayak getting his junk poked at with a large buck knife by a guy in a cammo kayak. Tommy really came through, I don't know what I would have done if I were by myself.

The buddy system works, Tommy I think I still owe you for that.

Speaking of buddies, if your buddy gets a hook stuck deep in his hand this video might help.

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