Friday, December 23, 2011

DIY Swinging Kayak Camera Mount

My ride, a 2009 Ocean Kayak Prowler Trident 13
I came up with this design after fishing with Rob Wendel of Great Lakes Kayak Angler, he made a simular swinging mount with aluminum tubing, I figured I could do the same with Aluminum Rod, here is what you need. It cost me 20 dollars to build as I had all the tools already.
   -One 3' of 1/4" Aluminum Rod
   -One piece of 6" x 1" of 1/8" thick T-6 stock aluminum
   -Two 1/4-20 Washers, I like the ones that are rubber coated on one side
   -Two 1/4-20 Nuts
   -Two 1/4-20 Wing Nuts
   -One Dollar store Digital Camera Tripod
   -Two Aluminium Pop Rivets
   -One Scotty Rod Holder Post
   -Standard Tap and Die Kit
   -Bench Sander/File (if you grind Aluminum in a bench grinder the stone may blow up on ya.)
   -Pop Rivit gun
   -Gloves and Goggles (Safety First)
   -Crescent wrench
   -Your Mitts
   -Drill bits
   -Hack Saw
There are many ways to skin a cat, here is how I did it.
After sanding down the rod to a point I  added some threads with a 1/4-20  die

Sandpaper is a good way to keep the rod from spinning in the vise as you turn the die

Put a bend in the rod and used this lure cover to test the angle

Drilled a hole in the Aluminum stock

Made it big enough to slip the Scotty bolt through it

90 Degree bend

Figured out how long I wanted it

Drilled my second 1/4" hole 

Hack sawed it off

Smoothed the edges and burrs with the belt sander, If  you do not have one use a  file 

All smoothed out

It needs something to keep it from slipping 
Drilled 2 holes and sank pop rivets, then sanded stems smooth

Checking the angles and how it works

Threading the bottom

Got this tripod at a Dollar store, I cannibalization the
top piece so I would be able to have more manuverbility,
Just unscrewed it, drilled the center and threaded it on securing with a wing nut. 


Top view

I can always tighten the nuts for more Resistance to  make is swing less. 

I can stow it upside down and out of  the way of lines. 

Easy to get to the controls and set the timer

Get a close shot

Or push it further back for more scenery, it is up to you

Let me know what you think, Hopefully soon I can get this guy into action and show you what he can do. 


Update: January 8, 2012
It works well. :D


  1. Yep, I like it....I've always struggled with that and scratched my head many times about the solution.

  2. Awesome, Dan! wonder what your neighbors were thinking!

  3. They already know I am nuts. :D

  4. Sell that thing on Ebay dude!

  5. Camera mount is now good to use every time you want to record or take some good shots but mount is commonly use in helmet cams especially for motor riders.

    1. Works great at taking pictures of myself with fish. :D
      Thanks for reading.


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