Thursday, December 1, 2011

A fishing forum powered by bloggers

I just joined a new forum aimed specifically at fishing bloggers, After checking out the forum and the people on it I jumped right on the band wagon. Non bloggers are welcome as well, and there is no fee to join. In the day I have been on the forum I have found 3 amazing fishing blogs I never knew existed, if you are a fishing junkie like me, or you just like looking at the pretty pictures, check them out.
Fox River Feeder Creek in Batavia, Illinois

Update: The forum is no longer in existance but the link still takes you to Blake's blog Illinois Wisconsin Fishing which is pretty good, I suggest you check it out.

Update: 2/9/2013
The forum is no longer up, but Blake's blog is, check it out.
Illinois Wisconsin Fishing:


  1. I would sincerely love to do fishing at such kind of a place as displayed above. It would be so amazing.

  2. Just a feeder creek of the Fox River in Illinois.

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