Monday, December 19, 2011

Four Fish by Paul Greenberg

You might be asking "Why is this guy doing a book review about a book published a year ago?" 
Because it is a good book, and winter can leave a fishermen with a lot of down time to do things like read blogs and books. I am not being paid for this review and in fact I bought my copy on my own. 

My wife and I were out on a date night, we had a little time between dinner and the movie we were going to see so we stopped at a bookstore to kill some time. My wife on her way to the romance section spotted this book on a table and said. "let me guess, you want this book." handing it to me based on the title and the cover.
She was 100% right, I flipped through the book skimming the pages and read the description, that girl knows me too well. The book goes into the history of commercial fishing and fish farming focusing 4 major food fish; Salmon, Tuna, Sea Bass and Cod from netting and long lining to farming hatchery fish. What makes this book work for me is Greenberg's ability to discuss the pros and cons of the industry without forcing his views and values upon the reader. His narration flows well with a cadence that I could follow even when dog tired lying in bed and the way he folds in personal stories of his own recreational fishing are entertaining. No wonder this book was a New York times best seller as well as a bestseller. 

This book entertained me and I recommend it to all my friends, I hope if you read it you like it as much as I did. 


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