Sunday, December 11, 2011

Friday morning at Pine Flat

OK, so I got out Friday morning, set the alarm for 0500 and somehow did not get it until 0534, my wool socks were giving me trouble, so much it took me 15 minutes just to get them on. Got the kayak loaded and grabbed my wading boots, noticed some white running down the back of the right boot, we had just painted some doors white the week before. I looked inside to see a pool of white paint, great. Turned the key in the ignition and my low tire light was on, got gassed up, grabbed some chips and water, aired up and the light is still on :| 

Driving out it took an hour to get near the King river, on the way I came across a road kill dog with another dog sniffing around him, poor bastard. Started climbing up into the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains, I saw a spot to pull over and a sign that read "Fishing Regulations", I figured I already missed any early bite so I would throw some spinners for trout. 

King River
On my third cast towards that ripple over there I had a bite, it gave me 3 violent jerks and the lure came flying at my head, broken hook... :| 
#2 Bluefox Glow spinner
I changed spinners but did not have another bump so I headed back toward the truck and drove to the Pine Flat Marina. 
View looking north
Blue Bird sky, 2nd day of a cold front, and 8 feet of clarity on Pine Flat Reservoir. I had a lot working against me plus the fact I left 2 of my boxes of tackle in the truck. 
Nice little drop offs that go from 3 to 20 feet
About halfway through the day in about 7 feet of water I saw the biggest bass i have seen in a lake just after I lost a jig to a rock, I tied as fast as I could but he just swam away calmly. I fan casted the area for 20 minutes before i decided to move on.

I can't wait to fish this area in the Spring
Saw a few big marks 10 to 20 feet down and some large looking schools 70-80 feet hugging the bottom but could not get anything to bite.
With so much area and rip rap to cover it is going to take a little time getting to know this lake.
Spoke to several of the guys in other boats, most were skunked and 2 had between 2-4 bass each for a few hours of fishing on drop shot and jigs. Guess they just didn't like my jigs. 
Pulled up near a feeder creek to stretch my legs
The sun was going down so I figured I'd try the King River below the dam one last time before calling it a day. 
It was clear and swift water, the rocks were very slick on my rubber soled boots. 

King River 2 miles below Pine Flat Dam
Cast the same spinners hoping for trout.
The place came alive with color as the sun went down

Lots of great looking water, I had 2 hits on a small Bluefox, I lost the first one but got the second rainbow into my hands before he flopped away. :| 
It looks like lightning split this tree and the river is doing every thing it can to take it away
The sun was going down and I was tired and beat from fishing all day with nothing to show. I did't pay attention to how far I went, ended up on the wrong bank and had to jump 2 barbed wire fences just to back track. The sun went down and luckily I had the brightest moon I have ever seen. I slipped and sloshed along the boulders, falling 3 times before getting back to the gravel shore and the security of my truck. Wet and sweaty I peeled off the waders, wool sweater and socks and turned the A/C on to cool my self off. 

Still after all of that , it was nice to get out. 


  1. Sure looks a lot different out there! I have spent quite a bit of time in those mountains, but mainly in the Nevada part. I'm excited for you to get your groove going over there.

  2. Great report! Time well spent, even though, the fish won on this day. Beautiful pictures of the area, too.

  3. Thanks Nick and Mel, I can't wait to go back i know there are 10lb+ Largemouth here and i have pretty good chances of hooking up.


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