Thursday, December 29, 2011

Learning to fish all over again.

I have a new fishing obsession, fly fishing. I had some interest in it while living in Illinois but moving to California is what really pushed me that direction. Streams and rivers that just scream "I have trout in me" with water too swift for a spinner bait. For Christmas  my uncle got me a fly tying kit, my wife also got me a fly tying kit along with a 5wt fly rod. I got to tying right away, I needed something to fish with. I tied a few wooly buggers and a few bead head nymphs.

My father and I set out to Fermilab in Batavia, Illinois to see if we could coax anything into biting, by the time we got there the wind was whipping. We got tot the lake and set up with our backs to the wind. I was throwing a Senko and after several casts without even a nip I decided to break out the fly rod. Between the wind and the tall grass it was difficult to fish, I could only get the fly out about 10 feet past the shore. It is like learning to fish all over again. The wind picked up and began to blow even harder, my efforts were futile, I went back to the spinning rod and after about an hour of cold wind we gave up retreating to the warm car. 

The next day I was chatting with a friend on Facebook when I realized I have not caught a fish in the whole month of December. This was not right, I decided I was going to go get at least one. I picked up the fly rod and headed to the river. Started off with a wooly bugger, no nibbles after about 20 minutes so I switched it up and tied on a bead head nymph. I used a #12 Nymph hook, copper wire, brown goose biot, and one peacock hurl to tie it. On the second cast my line started moving funny, so I gave it some tension and there was a small crappie on the other end!  

Beat the skunk

He thought he had an easy meal

Crappie stasch

#12 Bead head nymph

I threw out several more casts but the line kept icing up making it difficult to shoot. I decided that little crappie was enough for me. I am just glad I beat the skunk and broke in the new rod.
Icy rod guides
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  1. making the best of tough conditions, nice!

  2. You are really into fly fishing when you see the ice on the line. I congratulate you on landing the crappie. If you could have stayed there a little longer I bet you would have hooked up with more and even bigger. This makes me want to try the crappie with the fly when the weather gets a little warmer. Enjoyed the post.

  3. Looks like you're hooked into fly fishing now! Just know that the wind will -always- blow if you have a fly rod with you. If it doesn't, then something's wrong...Like "end of the world" wrong.

    Oh and I'd roll over and die if I had ice on my line. I was complaining about having cold feet when I went wading the other day in 65 degree water :)

  4. Well, you've started down the slippery slope of fly fishing. Congratulations and condolences are in order - in equal measure. Enjoy!


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