Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Lifelong Obsession

Fishing for me is a lot about reminiscing about the past, remembering the fish that got away and going after him again. Fishing spots that I caught the big one and beating that water until another shows up on the end of my line. My Grandmother's brother is a farmer in Iowa, he has wheat and corn fields, he raised Shetland ponies, llamas,  ostriches, peacocks, pigs, dairy cows and fainting goats but the best thing about the farm was the pond. Bill and his boys filled it with the biggest fish they could. 

That sticks out for me, fishing on Uncle Bills farm pulling out bluegill larger than my hands, bigger than any bluegill I have ever caught before. It was amazing, almost every time i pick up a pole I think back to that day, those few hours. I remember seeing the picture in a photo album, and being back in town and starting this blog I had to find it. IT took me a while, I thought it was the only picture of me fishing as a kid but I was wrong.
I came across these photos while going through a shoe box of loose photos from my parent's closet, my parents don't remember the day. I figure it must be around my birthday judging by my eagerness to fish, jacket and the lack of leaves on the trees. 

Walking out with my dad to find the right spot, we can't figure out where this is. Might be Mallard Lake, I have a feeling it could be Busse or some other north western suburb of Chicago as well. If you have an idea pleaselet me know in comments.
So now I knew of 4 fishing pictures, I kept sorting through and found more.
My parents moved to Streamwood when I was in the 2nd grade, there was a lake called Kollar Pond full of bullhead catfish and bluegill. I would fish that from sun up to sun down with not much more than a my rod and reel, bobber and a hot dog for bait. Here I am with what I thought was a good sized bull head.
I don't remember why I brought my rods and tackle box to school but here is a picture of it. I brought a lot of things to school, almost got suspended for bringing shot gun shells to school but that is another story. This must have been in English class at Taft Middle school. I remember the people in the picture but am not in contact with them so who knows.
Then I found a picture of me fishing with my dad off the back of my Grandfather's pontoon boat, on Lazy Lake in Fall River Wisconsin. I remember catching my first good largemouth bass on a original sized silver and black Rapala.
View of the lake from the cabin. I was about to give up after searching through two boxes of photos. I went back up and found the photo I was looking for but it is what it is. 
Apparently sleeves were not in that year but busy patterns were. You can see me in the white and blue and my two cousins. My Aunt was helping unhook the fish. Pretty good sized bluegills, big enough to scare one of my farm raised cousins. :D
I am glad to have these memories and thankful to my parents for being there and supporting me.
If going through these photos has taught me one thing it would be to take a kid fishing, they will always remember it fondly.
Fishing with my niece on the DuPage river

This post was inspired by two blogs
Nick the Brookfield Angler Ahhh  The Memories
And Ken G of Water Dog Journal A drive Down Memory Lane
Thanks for all the inspiration guys


  1. The last thing I ever thought I would be is an inspiration to others. At least in a positive way.....see that want to turn out like that?

    I like that last shot with your niece. The dog looking at it's paws with the rod next to it. Needs a thought cloud......

  2. The dog just wants me to finish so we could go lay down on the couch.


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