Saturday, December 31, 2011

My dogs

Roxy my blue Weimaraner at Sequoia National Park, California  

This has been a good holiday season. I had a decent plane ride from California to Illinois where I have been able to see friends and family I have not seen in a few months. The hardest part has been leaving my dogs at a kennel. I have not been away from my dogs for more than a week, My wife's dog Diesel has been with her for 5 years and with me for just over 3 and we have had my dog Roxy since she was 6 months old.  My wife calls my dog my "Grey Shadow' for good reason, this blue female Weimaraner can not bear to have me out of her sight. She sits shot gun in my truck and does fine off the leash, never wandering too far and healing on command. 

Roxy on a fishing trip to Sterling lake, Lake County, Illinois
A lot of people use Weimaraners as hunting dogs but Roxy makes a good fishing dog, she is happy sitting at my feet while I am casting, sniffing rocks an grass while I curse and pull out wind knots. Roxy is happy whether we get skunked or catch the biggest fish of the year. The girl can draw a crowd, people asking what breed she is and showering her in compliments about her temperament and beauty. With all of this attention she is still humble and loving. 

Roxy on the shore of the DuPage river, Winfield, Illinois
Roxy only wants one thing, companionship, she will sleep for hours cuddled on the couch an will bark for hours if left alone in her crate, another reason I feel guilty for boarding her. This is our first Christmas apart since we have been together.
Diesel, my wife's Gobirian

Diesel is my wife's dog, she has had him since he was a pup. A lot of people ask what breed he is, to set the records straight he is a  Gobirian. His parents were both show dogs, daddy was a red Siberian Husky jumped the fence to meet up with a Golden Retriever and they had 10 pups, oops. Diesel is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met. he does not bark and is completely kid proof. You can do anything to this dog, pull his tail, jump on him and his only response is to love you. He is a digger though, leaving our backyard with a surface that looks more like the moon then anything else. Diesel seems to like fish, him and Roxy enjoy chewing on Gobies at Government Pier in Waukegan, Illinois. Once I caught him with a channel cat I took home to clean, the booger stole it and hid in the back yard gnawing it's head off.   
Unlike Roxy, Diesel has a thick undercoat and loves the snow. Which means he is the go to dog for some ice fishing. 
Diesel admiring Sam's catch
Diesel sniffing at a Bluegill at Round Lake, Illinois
Roxy at the end of Government Pier in Waukegan, Illinois
Diesel and Roxy at Sequoia National Park, California
My wife and I are dog people, and it kills us to have to leave them locked up. I can just hope they are in good hands and look forward to seeing them in a few days.

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