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Product Review: Malone Xpress™ Scupper Kayak Cart

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Malone Xpress™ Scupper Kayak Cart

I want to start this out by saying I am not payed my Malone to promote their products. I believe in the product and want to share about it so others can form their own opinions. 

I bought my Kayak cart in the spring of 2011 off for around $70, at the time I was thinking of constructing my own after a kayak trip where a buddy and I  almost threw our backs out portaging our kayaks on the Fox River in Geneva, Illinois. I figured out how I wanted to construct it  but found the cost of the materials would be about the same as buying this model. I liked the idea of just throwing it in the skupper holes and going. 

It was easy to put together, within minutes it was much easier to move my kayak around. Less dragging over concrete means a longer life of the kayak and it was worth the money. 

It worked great, I could pull my kayak off in the parking lot and wheel it to the launch. It came very handy at busy launches where people are dropping boats and going. I could load my fishing equipment before getting to the launch, once I get to the water I could disassemble the cart or just put it upside down into the scupper holes. If something were to happen to it and it fell overboard it floats. 

I loved the convenience and my back felt much better because it really cut down on me lugging the thing around. Then on a trip to Lake Delavan in Wisconsin I was showing my buddy how cool the cart was. I put it in his Ocean Kayak and it snapped! Not cool, we ended up carrying our yaks about a quarter mile to our cars. after I got home I put it in a box, meaning to fix it or cannibalize the tires later on.

I was surfing the web looking for a car carrier for a friend and came across the Malone website. I clicked contact us, left my information and what had happened. That was Saturday night, Monday morning I got a response saying they honor the warranty and not only will they send me upgraded fittings but new foam pads as they often rip while being repaired. A few days later I get a package in the mail

 I was very happy to get my new parts in.
 It is easy to see how the design has been improved by adding extra support tee bracket.
 The new foam was black instead of red which was a plus.
 It is tricky sliding the foam onto the posts, warm water and elbow grease goes a long way.

My cart was like brand new, which is good news, as I plan on doing some Ocean fishing this year and you never know how far from the water you might have to park.

The Malone Xpress™ Scupper Kayak Cart is a value for the money it costs and their customer service is about the best I have ever dealt with but that is just my opinion.
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  1. Dan
    Cool and practical way to get your Kayak from point A to B. Thanks for joining up with Fishing Through Life, I hope the enjoy the blog. I am joining up with your group as well, hope to read some interesting fly fishing stories.

  2. Thanks Bill, you have a pretty cool blog, thanks for joining mine.

  3. Do you keep it attached in water?

    1. Nope. It is just for getting you to the water. I do not really recommend this product on rough ground, but if you have to pull through some grass to get to a lake or river it does its job.


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