Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sequoia National Park Day Trip

I hope you outdoors enthusiasts enjoy this one.

Today the Wife and I drove up into the Sierra Nevada mountains to Sequoia, this spectacular area is just an hour and some change from my house. I am glad I made it up here, it really renewed my enthusiasm for the outdoors. I got here and all I saw was cattle lots with muddy cows and the stench of rotting cow manure in the air, Seeing this so close was refreshing. 

Taken from the winding road leading to the Giant forest

Nothing but hairpin turns and glorious views up here

Too bad the smog cuts down visibility.

Little brooks pop up everywhere

The picture does not do the tree's size justice

This tree has grown into the boulder next to it

My Weimaraner Roxy, ain't she pretty?  

Diesel, my wife's Gobirian 

High altitude tree tops

Took a while to get them to sit still long enough for a picture.

This area is all solid rock shaped by vegetation and glaciers

There is the brightest green moss I have ever seen growing on these redwoods

See the light

A sunset to end it on
I hope you enjoyed the pictures, if you ever go to Sequoia (and i am hoping friends and family consider doing so :D), bring a lot of water a GPS and a good map of the trails. We had water but no map, I figured we would just stay on the marked well worn paths. 
I forgot my GPS and we were lost on the trails for a short time. A short time is a long time to get disoriented, luckily we found our way back with 30 minutes of sunlight left. Next time I know what i am getting into. 

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  1. Sure don't wanna get lost out there. Glad your finding the type of countryside you've been looking for.


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