Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Totally Hooked

I am drawn to the water, there is no other way to put it. I just need to know what is in it, I can not help myself. Since moving to California it has been tough, the nearest body of water is the Kings river which it about 9 miles away, it is muddy and slow moving. According to a neighbor of mine 6 pound largemouth bass were plentiful up until about 15 years ago when Fish and Game used a fish killing chemical in an attempt to stop white bass from spreading and the river has not been the same since. 

Yesterday I had to leave my dogs at a kennel because I was homeward bound back to Illinois for the Holidays. It was an hour fifteen minute flight into Phoenix with a five minute layover (Yes, 5 minutes to get from one side of the airport to the other) followed by a four hour trip into O'Hare. Got in at midnight, My dad picked me and the wife up, we got settled in and in bed by 2. 

I awoke at 8 AM and looked out at the DuPage river flowing fast and slightly higher then it was in the fall through the bed room window. I only had one rod I left behind by accident but that is all I need. I could have raided my father's tackle box for a jig, but it is not about the catching sometimes. Had a Rebel Pop-R tied up, I don't think this is the lure for the conditions but that won't stop me. 

Just the thought of a smallmouth bass taking that popper was enough for me. After a few casts I realized I was out in 40 degree, damp weather wearing a tee shirt, shorts and boots casting topwater.

It was not about the catching, it was more like chasing the dragon. I am more hooked on fishing than I have ever been.


  1. The sickness is taking over! Fish on bro, fish on...

  2. Hooked... Do you dance a "jig" after catching too? Then you know you are really hooked. :)

  3. Hey, better than not going fishing. I'd take it. And at age 37, I've finally learned to stock our relatives' country and beach houses with at least basic tackle, in case I arrive without my own.

  4. Less than optimal conditions, but imagine the glory if you were successful.

    Welcome home. Illinois isn't bad, only slightly more dysfunctional than Cali.

  5. Cliff you are right about the dysfunction and it would be glorious if I did get a smallie.

    Thanks for reading.

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