Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Do you like the Impractical Angler?

The Outdoor Blogger Network normally does spotlights on blogs that catch their eye, giving them more visibility in the outdoor writing community. This month they are choosing 3 blog based on how many votes they get. You can help by voting for the Impractical Angler here I am no 27 on the list.
You can only vote once so while you are there you can check out some of the other pages like CB Fishes, The WaterDog Journals, BrookfieldAnglerIllinois Wisconsin Fishing, The Fiberglass Manifesto, Rainbow Chaser and the list goes on. Just click the little "like" button on the contest page if you like what they do.

I am pretty far back compared to some of the great blogs out there, but It would be interesting to see how close we can get.
Crappie caught on the 28th of December, last fish of 2011. Lots more to come in 2012
Here is that link again.

Thanks for reading and voting.

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