Sunday, January 8, 2012

First Bass of 2012

Shot of the day, taken with my custom kayak camera mount
Finally made it out to fish and had some decent success pitching a 1/4oz jig with a Mr Ugly. I saw them on clearance and bought a pack, at $1.49 I figured there was nothing to loose. The color is awesome, dark but in the sunlight it almost glows green. The action is pretty good as well, as the light jig head takes it down the tail swims with a lot of movement. If I burn it the bait buzzes across the surface, gotta try that later in the year. 

The King River was about a foot lower than the last time I fished it, the water was low enough that the bass boats could get under the Jackson Street bridge meaning I was not going to be fishing alone. First bass came about a foot from a bridge pylon. Not a big one but at least it swims. 
First Bass of 2012!
 I fished the rest of the Jackson Street bridge to no avail, not a bite. Rather than fish up the river and waste a lot of time finding a new pattern I decided to make a run up to the old Lemoore Marina and fish the riff raff. On the way there I was 2 blue herons nesting in a tree, too far to take a photograph. Then I came up to an Egret and just as I was going to take the shot it spooked and flew away.  I was at the last bend before the marina when I was a Golden Eagle perched atop a tree. I paddled as close as I could and took a few shots. With the reeds combined with my cameras lack of a zoom the huge beautiful eagle looked more like a crow in the reeds. All I could do was hope the fish would be less photo shy. If did not take me long to hook up wiht the next few fish, all between 4 and 9 feet of water.

Average sized Bass for the Kings River
 A lot of bass in the 12-14 inch range.
This one was very pale
 The Marina was bought by someone and it is now a private residents, they have a bunch of clucking chickens and crowing roosters, a turkey or two and some noise geese that move freely from their roost and the river. I didn't know they had a goat, he stopped by to say hi.
Lemoore Goat
 I was waiting for a bigger fish to try out my new camera mount, my wish came true I had a good sized bass on my line but it must not have been hooked well because it got away. It was enough to make my heart race and it took a good twenty minutes for me to calm down. I could not believe I lost that guy, at least the small ones were plentiful.
This guy is a little smaller than average
 I like how fish from slightly different areas have different markings, I liked this guys markings.
He was not as pale as the rest. 
 After a while all the fish start looking the same, I had my camera mount set up but did not have the camera screwed on to it. I realized it would be difficult to set it up with a large fish in one hand so I decided to rig it up and get it ready for a big one. I caught a few more average sized fish before this one, not as big as the one that got away but the biggest one I landed that day.
Fish of the day
 The sun started to get a little low and I promised the wife to take her out to the movies so I fished my way back catching 2 more on the last pass, I had a real good one man handle me. I lost it when it swam into a submerged tree. I was glad to get out and catch a few fish. I can't wait to get back out there and go after that one that got away.

Thanks for reading.
If you like the pictures my camera mount helped me take click the link below to read how to make your own.


  1. solid report, glad to see you taking a piece of chicago to them west coast largemouth

  2. Fantastic! Still a bit of ice on the water here unless I drive south for a few hours. Great stuff that swivel head jig setup.

  3. Thanks C. Casters, that is an Ankie U-bolt Head jig, got it from Tackle Warehouse as well. I really like how they move and have been using them on all of my creature baits.

  4. Daniel
    Glad you was able to get out and tie up with the largemouth. The grub is one killer lure when it comes to bass fishing. Thanks for sharing an early spring trip with all of us.

  5. Thanks Bill,
    I am glad you liked it. I started taking pictures and writing trips up on the fishing forums i belonged to to keep track of trips and help me improve. Sharing the experience is a bonus thanks for reading and commenting.


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