Saturday, January 21, 2012

Fish'n in the Rain

It has not rained for a while down here in the Central Valley, the Weather Channel has been promising rain for the last two weeks and today it finally came. With farmers drawing water for their new crops the river has been dropping lower and lower and the fish have been feeding on shad and crayfish greedily, I figured if I was there when it started to rain I would have a chance at a good bass. Fished the same pattern that has been working for me the past few weeks, a Mr Ugly grub on a 1/16th oz Ubolt jig head. I only had a few hours to fish and it took 45 minutes before the first bite, the fish took it and ran straight towards me. Swing and a miss. A few minutes later I had my first fish, nothing special but still good to get one. 
Average sized King River LMB, first of the day
 I kept working down the shoreline until the bend in the river where the riff raff stops, I turned around to work the area the other way with the current and hooked up with another average sized fish.   

Another average sized King LMB
 Things were rough, the wind picked up the rain started coming down, I cast next to submerged tree and let my line go slack on the drop, when I picked it up there was a pretty good weight on the end, I set the hook and pulled out this chunky little guy.
Short but chunky LMB, look at his rolls!
Very glad to get this fatty in the boat
 I cast again and the jig did not even touch the bottom before the line started swimming away, I jerked the rod and started reeling. I thought I lost the fish until I saw it water skiing towards me. I gotta say, the little guy has heart.
Now there is a whopper
 Next cast I missed a fish, the rain turned them on and they were hungry I boated a few more average sized fish casting parallel to the the shore, and letting it settle with slack line before moving it. I made a cast straight out 90 degrees to my right into about  feet of water, It touched the bottom, I hopped it and felt a tap. I set the hook and pulled in the fish of the day. I know that 5lb+ fish is out there for me, I just gotta keep at it.

Best fish of the day

Thanks for reading.


  1. Great outing, Dan. So you like that Ubolt? I picked up some Biffle heads that I plan to try out this year. I'll have to check out the Ubolt, since you seem to do so well with it.

  2. They both catch fish. The Arkie U-bolts are good because they come in smaller sizes than the Biffle and are much cheaper. Only thing I don't like about them is I wish they sported a wide gap likt the Biffle so I could fish Beaver baits with them. Thanks for reading and commenting Tyler.

  3. Hi Daniel. don't get the opportunity to fish Bass much. So always nice to read a good post and see a few good fish. Good luck on 5 pounds plus!


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