Tuesday, January 31, 2012

King River Report

Had an interesting day on the water. 2 fish caught and around 7 lost in the first 5 hours, I snagged a kids fishing combo with a lipless crank. I got bit by mosquitoes earlier in the year than I ever have before, I gotta remember to pack repellent.  I tried a lipless crank, a jig and swimbait to no avail, little later I switched to a sinking worm and hooked my first fish of the day right off the shore next to the drop off.

First fish of the day
I realized I am getting rusty at senko fishing, I missed several hooksets, after boating another Bass I noticed a bobber floating in the water, I threw my lure towards it and it started swimming in the other direction. I could see a knot at the top of the slip float as it sank into the water. It did not pop back up and I thought it was gone. A few minutes later I spotted it down stream across the river about fifty yards away, I paddled to it and it seemed to notice me. As I reached down to grab at the line it slipped past me and under the kayak, I paddled past it and made another attempt. I knew the knot would not hold up on the bobber so I wrapped the line around my hand. I got the line around my hand and felt the fish surge. The line gave way about 6 inches down from where I grabbed it, I saw a black tail.  All I have to show for it was the crappy float and some old monofiliment, who knows how long that poor fish has been swimming around with a float attached to it. 
Hopefully the hook will fall out soon now that the float is off
I talked with a couple of guys in a boat I have seen fishing there before who were catching a few here and there. The sun was going down and they said goodbye, I cast my jig towards the shallows and had another nice fish, it was the best of the day so far. 
It was getting dark and hard to take good photos
Just so people know, I hold the fish under water with my left hand while I set up the camera or scale so they don't suffocate on me. It is an advantage of a kayak being so low in the water. 

I cast several feet past where I hooked up with that fish and landed another, I did this 6 times. I could not believe it. the fish were all shallow in 2-3 feet of water, I think I stumbled on a pre spawn area. I few more fish later and I hooked into a decent fish. 
Just over 3lbs on my digital scale
Very glad to catch this fine fish. I caught 2 more and got one the almost as big as that 3 pounder right up to my side before she threw the hook, I didn't care because I just got one that big. My eyes are starting to get bad in the dark and I was already pressing my luck. I caught more fish in the last 30 minutes then I had in a while. I paddled back in the dark knowing my wife was cursing me. I got to shore and drug the kayak to my truck, I double checked but all I can do is hope I did not drop anything. 

Things are looking up, I might have a good job soon and we are about to remodel the kitchen. I am looking forward to the future and can't wait to see what happens next. Now I gotta figure out what to do with the trophy I snagged today.

Think this Cars rod has any value? : )
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  1. Dan
    Looks like a bit of everything on this trip. Those are some quality bass --the worm is always my go to lure when nothing else is working. Glad you were able to get out and connect early in the season. Thanks for sharing


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