Monday, January 23, 2012

Making a Custom Plastic Bait: Part 2

Continued from Part I:
I sat up most the night sketching designs like a mad man. My favorite was a turtle and the second was the crayfish. Today I followed through after a trip to Micheal's I had molding clay and 2 part silicone mold putty, there is what I did. 
I made a small snapping turtle

I made my crayfish, the claws did not turn out right so i changed them 

I mixed the 2 part, smashed it on top of my models and let it set

The Negitives

My messy fly desk/pouring station, I cut up some baits that have been unproductive for me and melted them at medium low heat. 

I messed up and dropped a lump of not so melted stuff fell right on the claw, I tried to remove it but it was already Starting to set up. 

The green did not turn out as I wanted it. 

The second pouring was much smoother, and turned out much better. 
Lessons Learned:
-Little to no oil is needed for the silicone
-Pour slow and even
-No need to start on low heat 
-Avoid seams in legs
-Don't make a mold until you are happy with the sculpt 

I am very happy with the Turtle, I am going back to the drawing board on the Crayfish, I did it more because I was impatient and wanted to pour tonight. Next time I will not make a mold until the sculpt is to my liking.

Thanks for reading
Let me know what you think in comments. 


  1. your like a mad scientist, very cool, that red turtle look pretty real too

  2. I think you and CB should have a competetion

  3. This is freaking awesome! Nice work, Dan.

  4. very cool idea, I have never tried to make my own soft plastic bait from scratch, I have some molds that I have bought, and some bondo and plaster of paris ones that friends have made for me, but they are just molds of existing lures. Good luck and great read

    1. Nice idea. I'm going to do somethin like these when I go fishing next week. Thanks for the inspiration.


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