Friday, January 27, 2012

Success and Failure

Bottom of the boat ramp on lake Success, Porterville, Ca
   Headed out around 8 towards the Central Valley town of Porterville to try for some Trout and Large Mouth Bass. Last week there was a trout plant so I figured why not try it. I got there to no wind and bluebird skies, the water was low and murky. I marked a lot of fish around 4 feet down and had one hook up trolling a Needle Fish spoon in white and chartreuse 5 feet back from a 1oz keel weight at about 35 feet. Just could not get it to the boat. I also had a hookup on a beaver type plastic on a 3/4oz football head jig. I must not have set the hook hard enough. A few hours later I had another bump on a dropshot rig with a pink wacky rigged worm, it didn't feel big. I saw fish feeding on the surface and realized there were a lot of honey bees in the water. They blended in with all the other junk floating around, I kicked myself for not bringing any poppers.

   Being the first time I fished this body of water I am not too down about the skunk. I scouted out a lot of structure that will be great when the water is up in the spring (provided we get some more snow in the mountains.). If anyone has tips on fishing this lake, let me know I could use some pointers.

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  1. Not sure how to help with the fishing aspect, but I do know that the yak looks great out there!

  2. I am awed by the appearance and rigging of your kayak, also. Not a kayaker myself, but, sure a lot of you who do. Great job!

  3. Thanks Mel, that is my baby there. the shark teeth were a result of my wife buying it for my birthday. Winter in Chicago left me with some idle time and a kayak in my basement. I did a bunch of rigging and have not needed any since.

  4. Daniel
    Nice looking rig, and it seems to have everything you need to be successful on the water.


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