Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Skunk at the Aqueduct

Hit the California Aqueduct on Sunday with my beautiful wife, didn't catch or see any fish. Everyone else we saw fishing had the same luck. My wife took some pictures here they are, hope you enjoy them.
Hoping for Striped Bass and got the Striped Skunk.
Casting a crankbait.
Orange orchard next to the spot.
So many birds. 
The birds were going nuts. 
No action today.
Maybe next time
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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Slow Day on the King

Things slowed down a little with the recent cold front. Not too many bites, I was on a pattern when a v hull with a 20hp came in and washed out the shore I was getting bit on with their wake. They pulled up to it like they were going to cut me off and fish it.
This little guy loved my senkos, ended up with 4 this size on worms and grubs

Beautiful day, slight breeze
Had time not catching to take some self shots, this is my favorite

Best fish of the day

Need a sunset shot for a good kayak report
Stayed until 8:30 had several bites but could not connect, I missed one at a spot earlier and decided to set the hook really hard.  The bite was light today and I missed several because they were almost underneath the kayak before I could attempt to get the hook in them. I came to a overhang I missed a nice fish at earlier, determined to get it this time at the first nibble I swung hard and sent a crappie in the air at the bow of my kayak, it hit the nose and went up at almost a 90 degree angle clearing the kayak and landing in the water on the other side, poor guy. had a few more ticks but like before they either just got the end or hit it fast and darted straight for deep water. Hopefully the water heats up and I get some topwater action soon.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Testing Out My Worms and Some Night Fishing.

Decided to take the kayak out to the river to test out my new worms. The river was a little higher than the last time I fished it, glad we got that rain. First one was a survivor of a bird attack of some kind. He hit the lighter colored one Texas rigged on a 0/3 worm hook.
I am guessing it was a Heron or Cormoran that got him
 Got another dink and lost two to being bit off. My worms seem to sink faster than most senkos I have used and tear very easy. I think I have too much salt mixed it. The 3rd fish was a little better, I used my camera mount to get a pic of him. The fist one was back to the sun.
 I didn't like the shot due to the sun so I swung the yak around and tried again.
 Which one do you prefer?

I only took 7 worms out and went through them quick. It is a great feeling catching a fish on something I made myself. I tried a Buzzbait but did not have any luck at all. I switched my worm hook to a jig head and grub, landed 4 small ones on the grub before the sun went down.
What kayak fishing report would be complete without a unset picture? 
 Worked several bays with a buzzbait and jig with no success. It got cold quick, I could see my breath. The water started to feel warm compared to the air, I wish I could have hit it before this cold front came in. I got closer to my car and decided to fish the bridge near where I put in. I worked every plying with no luck.  I was about to give up, I cast parallel to the bridge and drug it against the gravely bottom when I felt a tug I set the hook and it took off. I thought I had a catfish by the way it was fighting. Had to use a leg scoop to get her in the boat.
All spawned out
 She looked skinny and had bite marks from males trying to get lucky with her.
Bass like it rough
 My digital scale put her at 3.94oz, too bad she did not have a belly full of eggs or shad. I am glad fish like her get a chance to spawn, just so you know between setting up for shots I held her underwater and she swam away fine.

Saying Goodbye 
Very glad I got out and glad I stayed out late. I think I am going to do a lot more night fishing in the near future. 
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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Pouring Sinking Worms

Jay Pee the Hip hop Fishermen  had a Del-mar sinking worm mold and some materials for sale. I bought them and Started making my first sinking worms.
There is a real learning curve, I still don't have it the way I want. The first batch came out more like those novelty sticky hands you get from the vending machines in the front of supermarkets. I am heating the plastic in an old metal milk pitcher from an espresso set with a electric hot plate. The plastic drips on ocasion and makes the house smell like burnt plastic. My wife is not too happy with that. I am going to be on the lookout for a microwave to make this easier on my self.
Did a few more with a couple drops of black, Hopefully I get to the river tomorrow with the wife, we'll see how it goes.

More in this to come, thanks for reading.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Fishing with the Wife

Been having health problems lately, never been through anything like this before so I have been taking it easy. My wife does not want me to go out alone, so I did not go out during the week at all. We caught a large bullfrog, a shad rap, the arm to a folding chair, several branches and 7 bass including one good one. The river was lower than I have seen it before, I bet it gets lower in the upcoming months due to the lack of snow in the mountains.  The water was chocolate milk and there was a strong breeze. Fishing heated up just after dark but we ended up tangling lines and calling it a night. Here are the pictures from today. 
Stewart the frog (the wife named him)

First fish of the day caught on a Texas style Yum Dinger

I got snagged, when it came free I got a free lure

Just left the worm trail behind the canoe and it did the rest

Almost 4lbs on the digital scale, best fish of the day

Much bigger head than the last one

Beautiful day to get out

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Impractical Flies

The thing that attracts me to fly fishing the most is the lures themselves, using scraps of this or that on a hook to fool a fish to bite fascinates me. There are great proven patterns that catch fish, and are fun to tie but still not as satisfactory as figuring it out on my own. I have tied a few in the month since I started tying, but what I really like is coming up with my own patterns and tweaking tried and true flies. 

Here are some I think turned out well.  

 Bead Headed Nymph
 Flashabou and Tinsel Clouser
 Double Beaded Nymph
 Hairy Spotted Moth
White Spotted Moth
If you have any questions about these patterns please do so in comments. I am a novice, but I think I got a few good ones in here, your feed back would be appreciated. 
Thanks for reading,