Saturday, February 11, 2012

Fishing with the Wife

Been having health problems lately, never been through anything like this before so I have been taking it easy. My wife does not want me to go out alone, so I did not go out during the week at all. We caught a large bullfrog, a shad rap, the arm to a folding chair, several branches and 7 bass including one good one. The river was lower than I have seen it before, I bet it gets lower in the upcoming months due to the lack of snow in the mountains.  The water was chocolate milk and there was a strong breeze. Fishing heated up just after dark but we ended up tangling lines and calling it a night. Here are the pictures from today. 
Stewart the frog (the wife named him)

First fish of the day caught on a Texas style Yum Dinger

I got snagged, when it came free I got a free lure

Just left the worm trail behind the canoe and it did the rest

Almost 4lbs on the digital scale, best fish of the day

Much bigger head than the last one

Beautiful day to get out

Thanks for reading.


  1. hope your health is on the up swing, nothing like a big bass to make you feel alive!

  2. Sounds like a great day of getting back out there!

  3. It was, I could use another trip.

  4. That looks like some fun! A few years ago I started fishing the t-rigged Yum Dinger with a small weight (1/8 oz or 1/4oz) above it for pitching to wood cover. It is so effective for that presentation. It seems to always outfish creature baits, at least around wood. Tight lines, friend.


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