Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Skunk at the Aqueduct

Hit the California Aqueduct on Sunday with my beautiful wife, didn't catch or see any fish. Everyone else we saw fishing had the same luck. My wife took some pictures here they are, hope you enjoy them.
Hoping for Striped Bass and got the Striped Skunk.
Casting a crankbait.
Orange orchard next to the spot.
So many birds. 
The birds were going nuts. 
No action today.
Maybe next time
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  1. other then striped bass, what else do you find in there? nice looking spot though!

    1. Channel Catfish, blue catfish, and Striped Bass are most common. Basically it is what ever washes out of the San Luis Reservoir.

  2. Boy fishing sure is different out there!

    1. Different opportunities for sure, I still miss pike fishingin the DPR though.

  3. Orange Orchard is awesome, when I see that I know Spring is almost here. Thanks for sharing


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