Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Slow Day on the King

Things slowed down a little with the recent cold front. Not too many bites, I was on a pattern when a v hull with a 20hp came in and washed out the shore I was getting bit on with their wake. They pulled up to it like they were going to cut me off and fish it.
This little guy loved my senkos, ended up with 4 this size on worms and grubs

Beautiful day, slight breeze
Had time not catching to take some self shots, this is my favorite

Best fish of the day

Need a sunset shot for a good kayak report
Stayed until 8:30 had several bites but could not connect, I missed one at a spot earlier and decided to set the hook really hard.  The bite was light today and I missed several because they were almost underneath the kayak before I could attempt to get the hook in them. I came to a overhang I missed a nice fish at earlier, determined to get it this time at the first nibble I swung hard and sent a crappie in the air at the bow of my kayak, it hit the nose and went up at almost a 90 degree angle clearing the kayak and landing in the water on the other side, poor guy. had a few more ticks but like before they either just got the end or hit it fast and darted straight for deep water. Hopefully the water heats up and I get some topwater action soon.


  1. Daniel
    I think the magic number for the temps is 60 and above. Yes the cold front will drive the fish deep and to make matters worst the fish will whole tight in cover---I know I am not telling you something you don't already know----I am still waiting for warmer temps here in Alabama. The temp here is closing in on 60. Thanks for sharing

  2. a slow day on the water beats most days spent anywhere else. looks like the king has at least treated you well since the move. press on Navy

  3. Hi, Daniel, just wanted to comment on the pictures in this blog post. Very good quality. You sure look content fishing from your kayak!

  4. Thanks, I think the kayak is my favorite piece of fishing equipment. Just wish I knew more kayak fishermen in the area.


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