Monday, February 20, 2012

Testing Out My Worms and Some Night Fishing.

Decided to take the kayak out to the river to test out my new worms. The river was a little higher than the last time I fished it, glad we got that rain. First one was a survivor of a bird attack of some kind. He hit the lighter colored one Texas rigged on a 0/3 worm hook.
I am guessing it was a Heron or Cormoran that got him
 Got another dink and lost two to being bit off. My worms seem to sink faster than most senkos I have used and tear very easy. I think I have too much salt mixed it. The 3rd fish was a little better, I used my camera mount to get a pic of him. The fist one was back to the sun.
 I didn't like the shot due to the sun so I swung the yak around and tried again.
 Which one do you prefer?

I only took 7 worms out and went through them quick. It is a great feeling catching a fish on something I made myself. I tried a Buzzbait but did not have any luck at all. I switched my worm hook to a jig head and grub, landed 4 small ones on the grub before the sun went down.
What kayak fishing report would be complete without a unset picture? 
 Worked several bays with a buzzbait and jig with no success. It got cold quick, I could see my breath. The water started to feel warm compared to the air, I wish I could have hit it before this cold front came in. I got closer to my car and decided to fish the bridge near where I put in. I worked every plying with no luck.  I was about to give up, I cast parallel to the bridge and drug it against the gravely bottom when I felt a tug I set the hook and it took off. I thought I had a catfish by the way it was fighting. Had to use a leg scoop to get her in the boat.
All spawned out
 She looked skinny and had bite marks from males trying to get lucky with her.
Bass like it rough
 My digital scale put her at 3.94oz, too bad she did not have a belly full of eggs or shad. I am glad fish like her get a chance to spawn, just so you know between setting up for shots I held her underwater and she swam away fine.

Saying Goodbye 
Very glad I got out and glad I stayed out late. I think I am going to do a lot more night fishing in the near future. 
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  1. Daniel
    Nice bass, really surprised the female was not full of eggs. What was the water temp? Usually 60 and above will increase top water activity. The buzz bait is my favortie on top when the water temps get right. Did you put garlic scant in the worms along with the salt? thanks for sharing

  2. I think spawning started last week, I started picking them off shallow rocky beds. I really wish I went out more this week and checked it out. I want to say the water temp was in the high 50s, I was seeing bullfrogs last weekend. As for the worms they were salt and garlic infused. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  3. Nice fish! That one with the bite marks is crazy.

  4. awesome report man.. I wish the ocean was as forgiving for quick "after work" fishing trips. I rarely get nice fish like that this time of year.. rock on.

  5. nice looking fish for sure, you really are getting your groove on in sunny CA. Me personally like the photo way better with the sun at your back.

  6. The shot with the sun is better. looks professional! new profile pic? haha Great looking bass, man! I'll be following along! Check out my blog when you get a chance! fish on, brother!!

  7. Enjoyed the report the 1st time on NCKA. Enjoyed it just as much the 2nd time around here on your blog. As for the picture, the 1st is way better! More natural-looking, and the photo has a nice "pop" to it. Nice use of the slight vignetting on the photo as well. The 2nd photo needs an adjustment to the ISO maybe?


    1. Thanks, I don't want to just post a link being so new to the site. I do add a little info or more story to the forum to keep it a little more interesting. :D


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