Friday, March 16, 2012

Fulfilling My Pledge.

As an Anglers' Legacy Ambassador,
I pledge to share my love of fishing
with at least one new person each year;
to pass on traditional skills and earned knowledge;
to pay forward the thrill of fishing
with friends and family,
my love of the great outdoors and my
commitment to a healthy environment;
and to give back what someone once gave me -
the special gift of fishing.
That is the Pledge from the Take Me Fishing Website, I like to take it to the next level. I consider taking someone out for a fishing experience they have not been through yet is just as good as fishing for the first time. Be it fly fishing, deep sea or (my favorite) kayak fishing a new positive experience fishing can be a memory treasured for a lifetime or even a new passion. My neighbor's son Dusty is a good kid, loves the outdoors and has been fishing his whole life. He became interested obsessed with kayak fishing. He talked to his dad 4 nights in a row about buying a small sink (Sit inside) kayak from the box store in town before he said "Well it's your money, so if it is what you really want go ahead and get it." 

I was out doing some chores when he came home with little red kayak in the bed of his truck. He was glowing with pride and excitement over his new little boat. I told him i'd take him out and show him the ropes and he seemed more than willing. It was a great day out, the forecast called for rain but it was a beautiful day out. I went inside and asked the boss (my wife) if I could go out. I hooked him up with a spare PDF and a medium sized box insert to take place of his bulky tackle box. Tied his kayak upside down over my own and we were off towards the river. 

Dusty getting his cast on
 The river was almost a full foot lower, they must have opened a weir to send water further down. I ended up boating on small one and loosing several. Dusty didn't catch any but he still seemed to have a good time.

Making a funny face for the camera.
I had high hopes, my expectations fell short. Fishing was tough, we got more bites form mosquitoes than bass and it was great. I hope he had as much fun as I did, And I look forward to fishing with him again. 
The amazing sunset
I urge you to go to and Take The Pledge, it is good for you, good for the people you take out fishing with you and good for fishing in general. 

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  1. good karma is heading your way Dan!

  2. I try to keep the positive energy flowing outward. :D

  3. Its positive to utilize your energy in positive way, Send gifts to Pakistan from UK.


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