Monday, March 12, 2012

King River Report

I wanted to get out for some evening/night fishing and get out closer to where I wanted to fish so I had to find a new spot to put in. I drove past my usual spot and turned onto a dirt ranch road and soon found the river on my right. As i was driving i spotted someone in a yellow kayak headed the way I was driving towards where I wanted to put it. I drove to the weir, the banks were really steep and the two spots that seemed to have decent access had people standing there. I turned around and found a spot I could slip down. I knew I would launching this way so my gear was all together and it took no time to get ready.

I want to see someone launch a bass boat here :D
 I figured I should fan cast a little before I launch and stir up the whole area. I grabbed my Abu Garcia reel with the Warrior Buzzbait and let it rip, I buzzed it past a clump of reeds and a Bass blew up at it. I went to set the hook and the line gave, my drag was set way loose. I reeled the slack and tried to thumb to spool to set fish and it was gone.A real bummer but I was excited I got a topwater hit finally, I knew the past 3 warm days would open them up to more aggressive feeding. I cast the buzzbait a few more times with no luck. So I grabbed my other setup and threw a jig at the clump I missed that last fish and hooked a feisty little guy.
Not huge but a healthy fish
 I launched and set off towards the other kayaker, working the shore. The water was about 6 inches lower than the last trip and surprisingly clear in the sheltered areas. The wind was pretty steady out of the north blowing me into the rocky bank. I kept switching between the jig and buzzbait hoping to get some topwater action. But it was just not happening. I picked up a few more fish, one the same size as the first and this guy who was a little larger and scrappier.
This guy hammered the jig
 I met up with the other kayaker it turned out to be Cccoyote from Central Coast Kayak Fishing, he sent me a PM saying he would be out but I didn't get it. He had a Ocean Kayak Tetra Ultra Pro 4.3 I couldn't help but drool over. We talked fishing, it was nice to fish with another angler. I caught a few more on the jig and gave him one to use. i had one that hit like a Mack truck and stole my grub and had another that missed my buzzbait. The sun started to set and Cccoyote had to get back so we parted ways. I turned back towards the weir and picked up a few more on the jig.  
Sunset Bass

King river purple sunset
 I fished an hour or so after dark only caught 2, I tried to get a picture of myself with one but I just couldn't seem to keep my eyes open, so I let the poor guy go on his way.
Eyes closed 
 I decided to turn in, I got back to my launching site and realized it was not as good as I thought it was. There were little thorny seed things all over the ground, I didn't realize this until I went to pull my self up the bank and my hands were covered in them. My neighbor said they are called "Goat Heads" I think Satan Berries is a more appropriate term. Even my tires were coated in them. To top that off there were a few dozen large Wolf spiders running around and one managed to bite me on the inside of the wrist. It is dangerous out there.
A "Goat Head" I pulled out of my tire, check out that sticker
Cccoyote it was nice meeting you I hope we get to fish again.
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  1. I was pretty sure they were Wolf Spiders, I got bit square on inside of my wrist. I called my wife and had her Google Brown Recluse Bites because I wasn't sure. I am lucky it was a Wolf Spider.

  2. Ahh goat heads. I was introduced to them when I moved to New Mexico. Golly I hate those things.

    Looks like a gorgeous evening on the water!

    1. They are mean, my dogs have stepped in them a few times. They don't like them either.

  3. Daniel
    Those are some nice bass with the grubs. Thanks for sharing

  4. What a great post! Enjoyed reading it Dan.


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