Monday, March 5, 2012

Learning the Hard Way

There are many learn a skill, I start with research. Learning as much as I can about a subject prior to any real commitment to avoid mistakes others have made, at least that is what I like to believe. Most the time I stumble into things haphazardly. Being a painter I try to subscribe to the Bob Ross philosophy of "no mistakes but happy little accidents". Since I started pouring plastic baits I have learned a whole lot of what not to do, here is my latest lesson. 

I have read florescent colors react poorly with heat and will discolor, I even waited until after heating my batch of plastic before adding the color. My goal was to make bubble gum pink sinking worms, they have worked great in the past for me and are my dad's go to bait. I was planing on picking up some dye at the tackle store yesterday. The only pink they had was a florescent pink, I figured adding some white would add opaqueness and give me the color I wanted. I mixed the color and it looked great. I just needed to heat it a little further to be ready to pour.   The who batch turned a dark orange color, still something that will catch fish but not bubblegum by any means. Lesson learned the hard way, I still have a batch of fine little baits. Maybe they will work just as good or better...  
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    1. Might have figured out his trick :D Happy little accident.


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