Friday, April 13, 2012

Fishing Withdrawals

Things have been hectic lately, I just started a new job, I am renovating my kitchen and the weather has been wetter and windier than it should. To top it off my wife's beloved grandmother passed away. 
My favorite picture of my wife's grandmother, Rest in peace Roseanna
We ended up spending $2500 to get from Fresno, Ca to Las Vegas, Nv, to D.C. and finally to Burlington Vt to take the ferry to New York to pay our respects. While there I did play disc golf for the first time which was very fun. I got the chance to fish for a bout an hour so I hit pond behind the house out of the leaky canoe, the 10 year old mono on the borrowed rod created a giant wind knot 10 minutes into my short time on the water, it was too far gone to untangle. The trip back started in Burlington, Vt to New York, New York via LaGuardia (the worst Airpost I have ever been to) to Dallas-Fort Worth and finally to Fresno. The hour drive home with a head cold after 14 hours of air travel felt like an eternity.
I took some pictures I wanted to share but now my SD card is not working and most likely needs to be replaced.
With all this I need to get out, it has been way too long since I last fished. If I don't get out soon I have a feeling I am going to get the shakes.
My name is Dan and I am a Fishaholic
Thanks for reading. 

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