Monday, April 23, 2012

Lake Kaweah Report 23 April 2012

I had a chance to fish lake Kaweah on Sunday with a fellow Kayaker I met on CCKF Jeff and his son Mike. Had a great time out with only a few hiccups, the speed boaters and jet skiers were pretty annoying. Saw one wipe out when he hit a wake made by a power boat made the wrong way. I was playing with the settings on my camera the other day and I turned off the setting that saves the battery when the camera is left on. So I got only a few pictures into the trip before it died . I worked the shoreline with a jg for a while with no takers , I decided to try out a KVD square billed crank and got a Spotted Bass on the first cast with it.

Like that professional quality photo???
I took a self pic and did not realize it was blurry, I did manage to get a good up close shot. I loved the colors on this guy. The picture hardly does it justice, plus the way he smashed the lure and bent the rod I would have sworn it was a Smallmouth.
Beautiful Lake Kaweah Spotted Bass
I put the fish back in the water holding it with my left hand while I checked the photos and saw the first one was blurred. I was setting it up when the fish shook hard and got away from me, strong fish...  I decided to take a few pictures of the scenery.
It was a beautiful day out
I was surprised there were not any power boats or jet skies or wave runners in any of the shots...
Lots of cool structure to fish off the shore. 
 I was still waiting for Jeff to show up when I heard a beep coming from my camera. I took a look at the screen and saw it said "Battery Dead"... : /

Jeff and his son showed up with about an hour and a half of sunlight left, we started pounding the shore with jigs and I occasionally threw my crankbait but did not get anymore bites on it. Jeff got his first Kayak fish on a jig and craw trailer. I switched to a lighter green jig and a smaller green trailer, I tossed it twice, got close to the rocks and dropped it almost right next to me. I felt a tug and set the hook on my biggest fish of the day.  Jeff was going to snap a pic with his iPhone but while I was holding it underwater to keep it lively it shook my hand and got away. That is the price you might have to pay to keep a fish healthy.  Next fish I held on a little tighter.  :D
Lake Kaweah Spotted Bass
I caught a few more fish, and Jeff was there with the camera. I found a school in between two rocks, so I got Jeff's son to hit the spot hoping he would hook up. He had two hits and saw one go after his bait on the retrieve but the fish did not cooperate.

5th and final Spotted Bass of the day
I was super excited to get out, meet Jeff, catch my first California reservoir Bass and enjoy the day. Jeff it wasgreat getting out and meeting you and your son. I hope we can do it again.
Jeff and his son
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  1. Looks like some fun with new friends in fishing...can't ask for much more!

  2. Don't think I ever have caught a spot. How do they compare to a smallie?


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