Thursday, April 19, 2012

New StankX Color

Yesterday I chatted with Travis Crossman the owner of StankX Bait Company of Kalamazoo, Michigan on Facebook. The guy pours some great baits and is always up to try something new. The crayfish in the kings river are drab olive with a slight blue tint, I wanted a bait that would mimic it but still stick out like a sore thumb for a opportunistic Bass to see. He knew just what I wanted and less than 12 hours later I see this post on Facebook. Travis you the man, I can't wait to try them out.
Dirty Blue Craw
I am not paid by StankX, I did get a free hat with an order a month or so ago. The real reason I am so gun ho about this company is they make a quality product, it supports small business, and best of all they have the skills and dedication to try out new things for their customers. Try telling Berkley, Gary Yamamoto or Strike King mix you a custom color, there is no chance. The man can pour just about anything you want, if you have an idea shoot StankX an Email or order something you like off the site. Check out some of the custom baits he has made.
Gobi Wan Double Dipped Tubez
Glowing Thug Grubz
Check out some more Custom StankX creations HERE or on their Facebook fan page HERE.

I highly recommend these guys, Travis keep up the great work in your plastic pouring lab. I will be waiting hovering around my mailbox waiting to get my Dirty Blue Craw Heroz.

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  1. Great looking baits man! Those hero craw trailors will be perfect for my jigs...I need to pick up a couple custom jobs from Travis.

  2. Thank you for the kind words! It is people like you who make this thing happen. Much appreciated in all the support!

    Travis C.


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