Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Skunked on the River

I went out to the King on Sunday, after 3 weeks of cold, rainy, windy weather it was finally a decent day. That should have been my first warning. I forgot my go to jig and grub combos and sunscreen. I did however run into an fellow in a Hobie Outback from San Jose named Jim. He was a nice fellow, I showed him the better spots. Telling someone you know where the fish are is a sure way to get skunked. I did end up finding a bunch of lures, I am thinking of starting a found lures of the King river shadow box.

My haul
One Crankbait, two bobbers, 4 weights, one jig, one spinner bait with grub trailer and some assorted plastics.
I fished from 1PM until 8:30PM, I missed 2 on a wacky rigged green StankX worm and late in the evening lost 2 on a StankX tube one of them jumped and looked pretty nice before it swam away. 0 for 4.

Not the best day on the river but I did not see or hear of a single fish landed my the dozen or so folks I ran into on the water besides the girl who hooked her boyfriends ear from the back of the boat. I did a video on the setup of my kayak but my SD card went bad shortly after, no pics from the day. I wanted to take a video of me bush-whacking through the reeds but it was not meant to be. I also saw a cool Barn Owl just before twilight, it scarred me as it crashed through the branches of the trees and flew out. With all the negatives the positives still outweighed them as it was a relaxing time and met a fellow kayaker, the fish will come soon enough.
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  1. There's nothing worse than throwing an arsenal of crap in the water and having it amount to nothing. That's usually when I leave one thing on and enjoy the day.

    I used to have a collection like that. Now I hang them from the nearest tree to serve as a warning to others. No Fish Here.

    1. I think around here hanging lures in trees would attract anglers rather than discourage them...

  2. I once went fishing with my buddys at black butte Lake. both of them caught fish and I didn't. However I did find a nice 3 foot net! Point of the story: no fish but at least you didn't go home empty handed!!

    1. That is how I see it J, thanks for reading.


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