Monday, May 21, 2012

Blogger's Block

Over the past few months life has been catching up with me, so many changes have happened over the past year and though things are looking up it still takes it's toll. I write this blog to contribute something positive to the world, with so many people tearing others down or focusing on negatives I just want to write about what I am doing hopefully to reach out to others who share my passions. I do not avoid negatives and personal matters but do make an effort to keep them from polluting my posts and adding to the bitterness in the world.

 Death in the family, personal health issues, family hospitalization and surgeries I have had enough of hospitals and funeral homes for a while. We are a month into a kitchen renovation, living without a kitchen is easy at first but having no stove, kitchen sink or dish washer gets old quick. Sunday fishing on the Kings was short and needed to mentally help pull me out of the rut I am in. It was hard to concentrate on my fishing worrying about family members and wondering when the painters are coming or when the counter tops are to be installed. Since moving the California it has been hard being so far away from my family, this blog has been a great way to keep in touch with my father and uncle who helped kindle my love of fishing. As I said things have been looking up and there are great things on the horizon, I look forward to each day and love my life, sometimes I just need to write it down to remember how much.

Thanks for reading my rant,


  1. Keep your head up. I'm glad you are looking at the bright side of things - something so few seem to do these days. Tight lines!

  2. Everyone eventually goes through it. I'm glad things seem to be taking a positive turn.

  3. I think we have all been there at some point in time. I am just coming out of my rut from a new baby and all the stresses that brings on. Things get better though and I think you come back stronger.

  4. Keep on keepin' on Dan! We'll still read whenever you feel like posting. You definitely provide something positive to the world- I owe a lot of fish I've caught to tips you've shared in your posts! Too bad I can never get my pictures as awesome as yours...

  5. Focus on all the things in life you have to be grateful for and screen the rest out, life has its moments where everything starts to overwhelm a person. Control what you can control and fuck the rest.


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