Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cayucos Pier Fishing

 Headed out this morning to go fishing with a colleague form work, the plan was to hit Morro Bay and fish of a jetty. The weather did not cooperate with us though. We got down to bay and the waves were crashing well over the rocks and it was still low tide. We met up with two guys who also headed out from NAS Lemoore in the early morning, they had never fished the area before and we decided to stick together.  We went around the other side of Morro rock but there were too many surfers to set up shop.
Morro Bay
Thought this was a cleaver sign
 We ended up hitting Cayucos pier, the waves made ti about impossible to fish from most anywhere else so the pier was our best chance. It was pretty empty when we got there, I set up on the right side near the end of the pier. We brought Anchovies and Squid, fishing Rock Cod rigs with 3oz of weight below them.
Cayucos Pier in Cayucos, California
One of the guys in my party hooked up with a small Ling Cod, he got it out of the water and it flopped off the hook. My first "fish" of the day was a pretty good sized Starfish, I pulled it up and showed it to some kids on the pier. The guys joked that it would spell doom for the rest of the day but i figured it was a good sign as it was the only thing I saw make it up to the deck up to then.
Lucky Starfish :D
 About fifteen minutes after the Starfish my rod started twitching, I grabbed it and pulled in a small Flounder/Sole (I was assured it was legal to keep from several passing fishermen, if this is wrong please let me know. I caught California Halibut before and these did not look like Halibut.) Sand Sole. I was excited to have the skunk officially removed and not by a Starfish.

First Ocean fish of 2012 a Sand Sole
 He had the hook all the way down his gullet, he was a goner anyway so in the cooler he went. While I was pulling the hook a sand flea that was still alive popped out of his mouth. Nasty little things look like the face suckers from the Alien movies.
Sand flea
 I caught two more, one bigger than the first and just a tad smaller, all hit on a anchovy.
Sand Sole Number 3
 David it was nice getting out with you, thanks for driving, we need to do this again.
David playing it cool 
The haul, 3 Sand Sole ready for cleaning
Had a blast and need to do more fishing in the ocean. Defiantly need to do more studying on species identification though. as I was concerned they might not be sole and under sized flounder.

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  1. Great job! Glad you are getting in some good California fishing! Too bad I wasn't into fishing when I lived in California. I really missed out!

    1. Caught 2 of them on the Red Abu Garcia you sold me. The little reel did awesome.

  2. Daniel
    Unbelievable catch---outstanding fish--congrats

  3. Now you just need to sit the kayak in the saltwater :) Nice fish!

  4. getting your salt on, knew it wouldnt be long...

  5. Nice work man.. I live right down the road from the Cayucos Peer.. I am impressed you landed those 3 Sole (big ones too!).. I have certainly had worse days than that out there. Next time you are rolling in for some yak fishing let me know.. I would love to show you around.. there are lots of spots to get in the water north and south of Cayucos.

    1. Thanks Joe,
      My buddy Jeff and I have never been on the Ocean before in the yaks. We are planning on hitting it up soon, I have been in 6 foot rollers in Fall on Lake Michigan but it is still not as gnarly as the ocean can be. If you wouldn't mind taking us out and showing us around send me an Email @ and we can pick a date.

  6. Thanks for your post. I'm heading up north and needed some input on the pier fishing catch. Hope I get some sole ... Tasty ... What bait did they go for?
    Thanks Paul K.

    1. They actually hit on a rock cod rig with anchovies and a 2oz weight, the rig catches most bottom fish. Good luck out there Paul, thanks for reading.

    2. Did you cast it out or did you drop it straight down?


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