Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Fishing in the Wind

Got out Sunday morning for a few hours of fishing, after about 15 minutes the wind started picking up and blowing pretty steady. I was almost more occupied with the stuff going through my head I posted about the other day than catching fish. The water is still dropping, hopefully we get more from the Pine Flat soon. I caught about 7 or so on the black jig and Hero before i hooked into a large one and it broke off on the hook set. I should check my line more, I think the jig had been on there for at least 2 trips.

Average Kings River Bass
 I switched up to a new jig I just got from Tackle Warehouse by Spro, some kind of finesse jig, it worked well but not as well as the black in the stained water.
Spro Jig and Strike king Hero
 I got sick of being blown around in the wind and decided to call it a day so I packed it in. On Monday my wife had an appointment out of town and suggested I go fishing to pass the time so we could have dinner some time around 8. It was windy bu ti was determined to make the most of it and enjoy myself and the new prescription sunglasses I just picked up.  I pulled into a the put in to launch to find 4 guys drinking beers and riding around on jet skis, not my favorite site. The two are fine on their own but don't mix well in my opinion.

My 3lb barbell and chord worked pretty well keeping me from blowing around too much, I still pivoted in the wind though. The fish were a little more finicky, I had to down size to a Bitsy jig and Rodent to get a bite and ended up landing 10 and loosing 3. Ran into a few guys fishing catfish and one fishing for bass filling up his stringer... I am still not too king on eating fish out of the Kings, but that is just me.
Kings River Bass
 It was nice to get out after work for a change, I think I am going to try my luck at some cat fishing in the near future. I have never had much luck at the whiskered fish and about time for me to get on that. If any of you have any tips for catching catfish out of a kayak please leave a comment.

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