Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hand Tied Halibut Jig.

I was watching my Larry Dahlburg DVD, Larry's Workshop and he made a cool looking Halibut jig for big Buts in Alaska, I figured I could make a slightly smaller one for California Halibut. here is what I came up with.
3oz Impractical Halibut Jig with a StankX Thug grub as a trailer
 I started with a 3oz plain lead jig I bought at Fishermen's Warehouse in Fresno, Ca. I tied some pink and Clear Green Flashabou using thin wire, I added some clear tinsel and wrapped it with a thicker wire using some melted left over plastic to seal it over as I just found both bottles of head cement were solid in the jar. I used some powder coat to add some color to the head of the jig and drew an eye marking using a Sharpie. I topped it off with a StankX Thug Grub in Glow in the Dark. Can't wait to throw this guy and see how it does.

What you think about it, anything you would change?

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  1. I fish mostly on the central coast and they are easier to catch here with bait, I haven't had much success jigging for buts.. however up in Bodega bay I have ha much success jigging something similar to what ya got here.. the setup was a white split tail trailer on a 2 or 3oz bullet head.. with a white or white and purple hoochie pulled over the top.. when wet it looks pretty similar to what you got going on there.. I am positive if you droppe that on ones head it would swallow it down.. nice work.

    1. Thanks Joe, hitting a charter on Saturday with my buddy. Can't wait to see how it works.

    2. Scored one keeper and one short Ling on the jig before I lost it.


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