Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day on the Kings

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there, I couldn't be with my mom so I wrote on her Facebook wall and decided to call her after I got back from fishing. The water was way low as I had to walk through 6 feet of muddy bank to get to the water. I thought there would not be many folks out there due the holiday but I was wrong, lucky for me I was alone for the first few hours and most people started arriving as I was packing it up calling it a day. Two patterns were working, the StankX Hero on a 1/4oz jig and a silent square bill crank in chartreuse black back. Shad were popping but I didn't get any hits on any topwater baits. I figure it was the smaller bass chasing the shad (as that is all I got on the Square bill) and the bigger ones were into the craws.
First fish of the day
You can see how low the water is on the bank
Another nice Kings river LMB caught on a StankX Hero 
Got several of these little guys on the square bill
This guy looks like he survived a bird attack
Good day to be out, ended up with over a dozen fish in about 5 hours, I got off the water by 11 AM because I forgot my sunscreen and did not want to get burnt up.

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  1. Nice fish and pics. Great way to spend a Sunday.

  2. Is it too low to launch a bass boat?

  3. Sorry my name is Brian

  4. Brian, it is even lower right ow but people are still launching bass boats off Jackson Ave, it just takes some skill.

  5. Daniel I really enjoy reading your blog. I was actually researching kings river bass when I stumbled it. Keep up the good work.....tight lines..Bran


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