Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Other White Meat...

Well to put it bluntly, fishing sucked today. I planned on doing some jig'n and frog'n for bass and staying out late for catfish. Well things did not go to plan, I was out for about an hour and the only bite I had was a good sized Bullfrog on a StankX Toad.  
Cannibalism frog
 I changed tactics and focused on Catfish. I had to rods one rigged with cheap bacon and one with dead crayfish, I was told they were both killer catfish baits. I did not hook up for about a half hour and got board. I dangled the crayfish in front of a Bullfrog and hooked him. I decided to switch things up and go fro frogs, I shined my headlamp down the bank and saw about 20 or so eyes staring at me.

California has no Bullfrog season and no bag or daily limit so I was free to harvest some legs. I slid my weight right next to the hook and swapped the crayfish for a piece of sinking minnow to give them something to hit. Sitting sidesaddle and walking the shoreline works great if you have a kayak I suggest you try it out. After set the hook and get them into the kayak I slip a knife right behind their heads and throw them in the tank well, it is pretty quick. I chose not to take or post any pictures of the cleaning or any death piles, it might make a fine picture with fish but people are a little more attached to Kermit than a fish.

Funny thing, I was creeping along the shore and set my hook in the water for a few seconds and felt a tug, i pulled this strange shell-cracker up. He was white and had almost black markings like a crappie as well as a mouth that was a lot bigger than then normal. At first I thought it was a Warmouth or rock bass, definitively a strange fish. If you have an idea about this fish let me know.
Strange Shell-cracker
 I got back to the frogs working the shore on the both banks once, ended up with 25 in the boat.
Big guy of the day
 I brought them back home and got to cleaning, the wife is out of town otherwise she might be libel to freak out, it was a fun night doing something different. I got the catch soaking in some salted water getting ready for a hot oil bath.
The bounty
I wish my kitchen was ready, I am still waiting on counter tops, plumping, paint and the major appliances to go in before I can cook. My neighbor said he likes frog legs, I'm going to go over and see if he wants to cook lunch.

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  1. I definitely think that's a warmouth....we used to catch them in a local stream fairly often....pretty good fight for their size.

    1. I have caught a good amount of Warmouth and Rock bass myself. A guy on one of my fishing forums said it looked like a Sacramento Perch hybrid, I think he is right. It had that Warmouth shape but the color is Sacramento Perch on the body and Green Sunfish on the cheeks. Thanks for reading and commenting Unknown.


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