Friday, May 4, 2012

Pouring Baits Like a Mad Man

With construction on the house, the new job and all the other changes recently in my life my fishing has slowed down. One of my favorite parts of fishing is tweaking baits and presentations. Recently I started pouring my own plastic stick baits and turtles, I recently ordered bubblegum pink, and motor oil dyes and a bag of purple flake glitter. I thought I was going to get a bottle of glitter but somehow I ordered a 1lb bag! My goal was to pour Bubble Gum worms for my father, his favorite color, and my favorite color motor oil with purple flake.  Here is what I have poured over the past two days.
Motor Oil Grape and several shades of pink worms
 I added Flashabou to some of the worms I poured just to make them a little different and add some movement, we'll see how it goes. I poured some translucent and some opaque. From light pinkish to full blown Barbie Jeep Pink, with salt for weightless and without salt for a flick shake presentation. I am happy with some of the colors and can not wait to see how they do.
Impractical Turtles
I also poured a bunch of turtles from the latex mold I made a few months ago, I have a friend back in Illinois that fishes a pond that I think these will be dynamite in. i can't wait to see how they do. There is a definite learning curve with pouring plastics, wear gloves the stuff gets up to 300 degrees and sticks like napalm. I burnt a batch of Motor Oil Purple flake when I got distracted running around getting the mold ready. Pink seems to burn easier than other colors turning a burnt orange color before the plastic burns and sometimes right after it melts.

If you are interested in any of this I say go for it, watch some videos on YouTube, buy some basic equipment and get creative. Why not catch fish on lures you make when you can?

If you are interested in seeing how I made the mold for my Impractical Turtles click one of the links below.  
Custom Soft Plastic: One
Custom Soft Plastic: Two

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  1. if you ever wanna mail some stick baits back to IL i know a guy who will take em ;)

    1. Might beable to work something out.

  2. Poor little turtles, they're so cute.

    I need to make my helgie mold soon. Not cutting it with the store bought.

    1. You like that huh? :D They turned out way better than I thought they would, we'll see if they work like I think they will. It is cool how you can cast them from dead helgies, I didn't know you could do that until I saw a video Larry Dahlberg did. You should do a blog post on it.

  3. Those are some nice looking baits!

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