Thursday, June 7, 2012

BBQ Smoked Chipotle Frogs Legs

You might remember I caught a bunch of bull frogs last weekend?
Since I had no stove with my kitchen being in the middle of renovation I had to figure out another method of cooking them up.
I decided to smoke them in my electric smoker. I pulled the legs out of their lemon saltwater bath to dry and salted them with Kosher salt to help them dry out a bit to take to the smoke while I loaded the chip tray with some soaked apple wood chips.
Ready to go
I smoked them at about 225f and checked up on them every 30 minutes or so. After about 2 hours the meat looked like it had shrunk a bit and pulled away from the bone. I made a glaze out of Sweet Baby Rays, Chipotle pepper sauce from the can and some honey. I gave them a good dose to caramelize, I tasted one and it was not too dry so I brought them in to rest. After 10 minutes resting under some tin foil I sauced them with the rest of the glaze. 
BBQ Smoked Chipotle Frogs Legs done
 My buddy and Marine loved them and my neighbor who grew up eating fried legs said they were better than most the frogs legs he had ever had. They lacked any swampy, muddy or fishy taste people talk about, the taste was chicken wings but the texture was more consistent than chicken wings, as they are white meat and not dark. 

If you like frogs legs I recommend you try smoking them, and if you have never had frogs legs I urge you to try them. 

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  1. Those sound awesome! Will have to get them a try

    1. Do it they are easy and well worth it.

  2. Wow man, that's awesome! I've never had frog legs but this sounds like a great way to prepare them. Mad props on the chipotle. I've caught bullfrogs a few times by accident, but never thought about taking them home. Most of the places are fairly polluted and nasty, so maybe the frogs from there wouldn't be too tasty...

    On a related note there's a single noisy grasshopper outside our window I have half a mind to find and cook up some chapulines...

  3. Oh man, those frog legs look amazing! If I had a smoker I would be heading to a pond right now to find them, kill them and prepare them! but I don't so I can't! haha

    1. You could always fry them up. :D

  4. Daniel
    Frog legs are super good, glad you shared this post.


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