Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Colors, The Colors!

As soon as I had my mold for pouring my own Soft Plastic Swimbaits I started going crazy with color, glitter and pearl-essence combinations. I was going to post each one and talk about why I think it would work, or what I was going for and well...
I did way to many to do that, I just can't wait to go try them out and catch fish off a lure that I crafted from scratch. It is pretty exciting. 
 The New Motor Oil color I got looks amazing with blue and purple glitter in it, the stuff glows green in the sun and looks more green brown when not in the light. I did some pink and purple combos for my wife and some oranges to look like rock fish.
I think I might take a few and use them to make a plaster of Paris mold or two so I can make more of a specific size swim bait at once.

If you haven't read how I made the mold for these lures click HERE.

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