Thursday, June 21, 2012

DIY Swim Bait Mold Pouring

After my Avail Party boat trip I knew I was going to need a lot more swim baits. The way I figured is the DIY way, grabbing a block of Sculpty putty  I went to work forming some swim bait shapes, most were standard but I made one ribbon tail (I didn't use it) and one Rock fish type I made for a larger jig head.Once I formed them to my liking and baked them I sanded them smooth.
4 swim bait blanks
Rock Cod Swim Bait
Threw together a box out of scrap n my garage and aluminum taped it to a baking sheet.
I bought a lb of Alumilite RTV Type III and short poured the mold. Had to wait 4 days and pay another $15 shipping to finish my mold and even then there were weak spots. So I covered them with some porous cloth for strength.
Once it cured I pulled the mold off the sheet.
Used a razer blade to clean up the top of the molds.
I could not wait, I mixed up some pearl for the bellies and a small batch of florescent orange for half and motor oil for the other half.
The final product turned out nice. 
I really lie the way everything turned out.
I am excited to see how they work. If I were to do it again I would have gone for the 3lb tub of RTV and done a few shorter skinnier swim bait blanks.

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  1. Those are awesome man! that rock cod shape would kill it on ling cod.. at least I think it would.. The fun part is trying it out right? poor me one of those bad boys for when you come to cayucos for some fishing.. I will pay you for the materials..

    1. No problem Joe, just let me know what colors.


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