Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fishing with Yakhopper

Day 2. I got to fish a private lake north of Fresno with Eric, AKA Yakhopper. he is a super nice guy and even brought a spare yak for my buddy Vlad. I went 3 for 4 the smallest fish being around 2lbs and the largest around 5 here are the pics. 

Getting ready to launch

The first fish was mine and came off a Stank X hero in Dirty Craw on a Olive American Tackle Swim Jig.

Another look at that first fish, about 2 minutes after I caught my first Eric hooked up with a 4 pounder. I watched him loose 2 and catch 2 before my next fish.

My best of the trip, just over 5lbs, she had a weird pointed under bit lip.

Beavis Fish

It was nice adn hot with a little wind, the lake was going through a turn over and fishing was tough, Eric was getting his all in the shadiest water he could find and I was catching mine in the open and near the sun. I was about to give up and taking my time when I hooked up again.
Third and last bass of the day, the three I got were decent fish. I bet it is a dynamite lake when the water is a little less stirred up and a tad warmer. I wish Vlad would have caught something though.  He had a hit on a Texas rigged Rootbeer colored stick bait I poured myself, but could not set the hook. I had a great day out and the scenery was worth it alone. Eric I'd fish with you any time, same goes with you Vlad. 

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